Association LMSes

Tagoras Association Learning Management Systems report

The time has finally come to retire our Association LMS report. We will be back soon with a new approach to tracking learning management systems in the association sector, but in the meantime, we encourage you to check out our range of association LMS selection resources.  

We also encourage you to join us for our upcoming Webinar on how to select an LMS for your association.

LMS requirements for trade and professional associations are different from those of corporations and other organizations and the vast majority of LMS vendors simply do not understand or meet these requirements. We’ve done the work to help you find the ones that do.

In Association Learning Management Systems, we provide in-depth, detailed information to help you compare 20 LMS systems with a track record in the association sector.  As a result, this report enables you to:

  • save a tremendous amount of time and money in gathering LMS product data, comparing your association LMS options, and narrowing your choices;
  • run a more efficient and effective learning management system RFP process;
  • increase speed to market – and to the additional non-dues revenues e-learning can bring;
  • get an experienced, independent perspective – we do not accept any fees or commissions for the sale of any LMS product, nor do we charge vendors to participate in the report.
  • dramatically reduce the risk of making the wrong LMS choice for your association.

The Association Learning Management Systems report from Tagoras was instrumental in helping my association select our LMS vendor, with whom we now have a very successful partnership. By using the report we were able to whittle down the list of potential vendors from many to a select few, based on the apples-to-apples comparison of key features and benefits the report provided. It was especially helpful that the report focuses on key attributes that associations need from their learning management systems, which differ from other entities.

Emily Saving
Director of Education & Research Foundation
Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI)

What Does the Association LMS Report Include?

We’ve narrowed the field of LMS providers down to a small group dedicated to serving associations and experienced in meeting association needs. We asked the providers to respond to an extensive, highly detailed questionnaire and provide a demonstration of their system. The final report includes:

  • 30 tables that compare association LMS systems across a variety of areas
  • In-depth vendor profiles based on 243 questions covering 28 different areas (listed below)
  • Brief reviews of each system based on answers to the questions and a demonstration session with each vendor
  • An extensive set of guiding questions for association LMS selection
  • An overview of LMS usage in the association sector

As a professional association serving more than 15,000 members, we were ever mindful of the finite resources and limited staff we could devote to selecting and implementing our first LMS. We found the Association Learning Management Systems report to be a worthwhile investment that served as an invaluable resource throughout the process. Not only did it help us to establish our use cases and business requirements, but it also provided comprehensive, association-specific information that allowed us to narrow our list of potential vendors and perform an apples-to-apples comparison of products tailored to our unique industry.

Wes Harmon
Learning and Professional Development Services Coordinator
College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR)

What Do We Know About Association LMSes?

The report’s authors, Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, have each been in the e-learning industry for nearly two decades and have spent the majority of that time working on association e-learning initiatives. They have designed, built, and implemented learning management systems in the past, and are deeply familiar with the challenges associations typically face. Both Jeff and Celisa speak and write frequently on e-learning in the association sector and are often quoted on e-learning topics in association-related publications such as the American Society of Association Executives’ Associations Now magazine.

Tagoras principals Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele discuss the LMS report

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a learning management system can be a very smart move for a number of reasons, but even a simple, low-cost system requires a relatively significant investment over time. And if you make the wrong decision, you may end up spending many multiples of what you originally intended. If you are serious about implementing the right LMS for your association, there is no better starting point – or better value – than this report.