What if you were the Dyson of your market?

No, I don’t mean your education should suck.

Rather, I have in mind that obvious and yet amazing claim for a vacuum cleaner manufacturer to make:

Our vacuums have strong suction and they don’t lose it.

How could you claim the same for the educational experiences you offer?

It might be something along the lines of: our seminars deliver high quality, actionable knowledge that learners retain and use.

Same for conference sessions.

And Webinars, etc.

Of course, it’s easy enough to see what a Dyson vacuum cleaner does. And what’s more, the company backs up its claim with a substantial guarantee.

How might you do something similar?

The first requirement is clear, measurable learning objectives that are shared with the learners. This may require some work with your presenters and/or staff to make sure they actually know how to formulate clear, measurable learning objectives.

The second is learning experiences that are (1) well-designed to meet those objectives, and  in which (2) the leaders are as prepared as possible to facilitate learning, and (3) the learners are as prepared as possible to learn.

The third is follow up to determine whether learning has occurred and is being applied. This has to go beyond post-session evaluations, which I’d argue are nearly worthless.

All of this takes time, of course, and at least some financial resources. From what I gather, James Dyson invested quite a bit of time and money in coming up with his top of the line vacuum cleaners.

Maybe this level of quality is not what you are shooting for, but imagine if you could validly say “People who participate in our learning experiences gain high quality, actionable knowledge; they retain it; and, they use it. We guarantee it.”

What an obvious and yet amazing claim for an education provider to make.


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